The Prize

The Prize
The Spey's finest.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Classic Spey Salmon

Here is another photo of French Angler, Guy Nardin's 20lb fish. Although much better looking swimming away from the net, this photos clearly shows why we admire these spring salmon so greatly - sheer beauty.

Brace of 20 pounders

Here is a video of French angler Guy Nardin playing a 20lb fish today. Guy, a very experienced Salmon fisherman has been a Kinermony guest for over 20 years and he was bittery disappointed to find this specimen fish bleeding badly in the net, as seen on a further photo above. That's the trouble with the Collie-Dog at times - A mixture of emotions all around.

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Here is the photo of Robyn Wilson from Aberlour with her first ever Salmon. Robyn caught the fish with a Tiger Toby modified by herself and had lost a fish of similar size earlier in the day. Her proud father Stuart was present as ghillie and after returning 5 fish himself this year was absolutely delighted to be there. A picture dreams are made of. Well done Robyn.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Magic Feeling

Isn't a great feeling to catch a Spring Salmon then watch it swim away strongly. Alan Maclean doing just that.

Gently does it

The video shows a fine example of how to let a fish revive before release. All it needs is a little encouragement. This fish was around 18-19lbs.

Day of big fish

Following on from last week, there were another 4 big fish caught from the BoatPool at Aberlour today. Local anglers Bruce Cameron had a brace, approx 15 & 19lbs but was outdone by Sandy the Heron with another brace but this time, approx 18 & 22lbs in 3 casts! The smallest was retained and the other 3 returned. 8 fish caught in total, all very fresh and sea-liced. The photo's capture Sandy's first and Bruce's second, unfortunately the bigger fish took longer to revive and no photo was taken.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Video Capture

A short video of Mike Ritchie playing his 20 pounder, ably assisted by the River Deveron's premier beat Ghillie and professional stick maker, Robert Cardno.

Fantastic Specimen

Mike Ritchie had an excellent fish today estimated around the 20lb mark. The fish took a fly of his own creation, which he described as a cascade varient; varient indeed !! The fish fought very strongly and was quicky returned following a few photo's. It's great to see 2 fish of similar size caught this week at Kinermony by Ritchie brothers. Who's was biggest, we'll never know !

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Classic Springer

Here is a photo of a fish estimated at 20-23lbs caught today below Kinermony on the Aberlour AA. You will seldom find a better example of a Spey Springer, but unfortunately this fantastic specimen will no longer be able to populate the river with it's progeny which is a real pity. It is one of my guests rods in the picture to give some form of scale.

Lovely day on Speyside

Here are a few photo's of Brian Garden from Fraserburgh enjoying the fight from his first Spey Springer. A lovely sea-liced fish estimated at 8-9lbs.