The Prize

The Prize
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Monday, 28 February 2011

This past week has seen a variety of fishing conditions. The week began with relatively low water and frosty mornings but the temperature gradually rose until by Wednesday we were fishing is shirt sleeves; the lunch time air temperature reaching 16 degC at Aberlour. By Thursday, the water had risen by 2’ and it continued to rise before stabilising and fining off on Saturday.
Catches were obviously affected however there were still around 10 fish recorded. Rothes & Aikenway was top beat of the week, with Gordon Angling group members Bill Goodlad and Bob Hughes amongst the luck rods. Keen Spey angler Michael Ritchie from Fraserburgh caught a cracking fish of 13lb fresh from the sea, still displaying evidence to that fact.

Rothes ghillie Robbie Stronach about to release Michael Ritchie's fish.

Local loon, Mark Morrison caught a nice fish from Delagyle, their second, and retired solicitor and well know Spey angler Bill Johnston landed the first fish at Kinermony in 2011. I was delighted to play a small role in its capture and more so in seeing the expression on Bill’s face as it slid into the waiting net.

My good friend Duncan Egan was over on Deeside last Friday Saturday and although the River Dee was still very much on the high side, he weedled out a cracking 13lb fish from the Lower Ferroch at Cairnton on Saturday.

The 7 days forecast is quite settled. With the fluctuation of water levels last week, we are very much hopeful of more stable condition this coming week. I’d be very surprised if there weren’t a few fish reported over the next few days and hopefully some fish caught further up-river. As we enter March, numbers of fish will gradually increase and I’d recommend that you get out and wet a line, after all, these early fish are at their very best. Again, concentrate your efforts on the warmest part of the day and whilst the water temp remains low, stick with flies of around 1.5-2” fished slow and on intermediate lines.

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